Disney Dreamlight Valley | What is the Golden Potato Code?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with exploration and wonders as you complete quests side-by-side with some famous characters. An incredible assortment of memorable items is discoverable throughout your adventures, with many referencing our favorite films and shows. However, dedicated fans of the game have stumbled across a mysterious golden potato code. With almost every aspect of the game embracing the Disney and Pixar worlds, it’s hard to speculate what exactly this golden potato is. In the meantime, we have the code right here for you to check out!

Golden Potato Code in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Golden Potato Code in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The golden potato code is “GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM”. To use it, boot up Disney Dreamlight Valley then head to the Help section in Settings. Copy and paste the code into the Redemption box to claim it. Be sure to also sync your account if you’re cloud-saving your avatar, too. Afterward, check your mailbox to obtain the mysterious golden potato. It will say that it’ll arrive soon, but you can scoop it up as soon as you claim the item. It will expire after a while if you let it sit in the mailbox.

“You stumble upon a Golden item. It looks weirdly like a potato. Who knows what secrets it holds?!” Indeed, what is this peculiar potato? It seems that no one knows at this point other than it’s a quest item that you can’t dispose of. You can’t consume it, won’t be able to provide it as a gift, or use it in cooking. It’s merely an item that you can store away until Gameloft surprises us with its purpose.

Golden Potato Mailbox Item

We can speculate what it might pertain to, and that would be the Forgotten Lands. With the content that’s been provided thus far, not much lore is connected to the eerie biome. There’s even the distinctive pumpkin house that might have a connection to the golden potato. Stitch from Lilo & Stitch can be seen playing with crops, including pumpkins, and he’s yet to appear in the Valley. There’s also The Nightmare Before Christmas with obvious references to Halloween and pumpkins. Each character’s house represents them with special decor, so it would make sense to see Jack Skeleton pop up at some point.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on what to do with the golden potato. For now, check out more guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley right here: