Disney Dreamlight Valley | What Is the Onion Grow Time?

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As you make your way through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll very quickly learn the importance of farming. The game offers a plethora of different crops to grow, which you can then sell to make money or use as crafting in recipes. One such example is the onion, one of the most common crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you plan on grinding for XP and progression, then you very well may want to know the onion grow time. Fortunately, we’ve got the answer for you!

What Is the Onion Grow Time in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

What Is the Onion Grow Time in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Compared to other crops in the game, the onion grow time is fairly extensive. From planting to harvesting, it’ll take an hour in Disney Dreamlight Valley to grow your onions. Compare this to tomatoes, which need just under a half hour, and you’ll see that it’s a step up in the complexity of this crop.

However, the wait time for onions to grow is worth it. Just as in real life, they are a key component in various recipes across the game. That includes the delicious-looking Greek Pizza, as well as everyone’s favourite ratatouille. Cooking these dishes is a great way to level your character up, but in true RPG fashion you can also give them to other townsfolk to boost your relationship. Considering some of the toughest early quests revolve around you boosting your bond with other Disney villagers, it’s a surefire road to success.

Annoyingly for casual gamers, you will have to wait a fairly long time for the onions to actually grow. Fortunately the process is nice and easy, requiring you simply to buy onion seeds from Goofy and plant them in any fertile soil you see fit. The only drawback is the grow time, but you can easily mop up some other quests while you wait for the time to pass.

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