Disney Dreamlight Valley | What is the Orb of Nurturing Grow Time?

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley spooky expansion is here! Scar has invaded the Sunlit Plateau, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends with the villain! Scar’s friendship quest has a ton of steps, but doing it all will be worth it in the end! However, there is one step of the quest that really… really stinks. The last step, the Orb of Nurturing, has quite the low grow time. If you’re wondering how long it’ll take to get this item all set up, we can help you out!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Orb of Nurturing Grow Time

Disney Dreamlight Valley Orb of Nurturing Grow Time

The quest item Orb of Nurturing takes at least three days to grow in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will need to properly water it after planting it near the tower in the Sunlit Plateau for it to take 3 days. Otherwise, it could take significantly longer! This is after a rather lengthy questline for Scar in the first place.

The Orb of Nurturing is a plant item that you can only get after starting the first friendship mission for Scar. The last step of the mission is to make this sucker bloom!

Once you have the seed, you will be able to place it under the glowing pillar in the southern part of the Sunlit Plateau. You will need a Royal Shovel here. Simply interact with the pillar to select the Orb of Nuturing and plant it in the ground just in front of the landmark.

Once it’s planted, make sure you take good care of it! You’ll need to water it properly if you want the Orb of Nurturing grow time to be three real-world days. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a much longer growth period! Water the plant a few times per day to ensure that it keeps that quick pace up.

Once you’ve waited out the growth time, Scar’s quest is complete! Great job on getting through time-heavy quest! Here’s some more DDV content for you!