Disney Dreamlight Valley | Where to Find Scrooge McDuck’s Chest

Mother Gothel has her fair share of requests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, much like the other Villagers that occupy the magical place with you. The infamous woman from the Brothers Grimm tale is asking for a Sunstone, and it just so happens that Scrooge McDuck is in possession of the Sunstone’s Scroll. After helping out Scrooge McDuck with a favor, he informs us of the location of the chest, which brings us to our guide on finding it in the My Kingdom For A Scroll quest for Mother Gothel.

Where to Find Scrooge McDuck’s Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Scrooge McDuck's Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scrooge McDuck has placed the scroll in a chest near a cave on Dazzle Beach, and the key to that chest is hiding in the Glade of Trust. Locate the key by fishing into a golden ripple on the northern side of the Glade of Trust. Fishing in any other ripples will not warrant the necessary key. The chest itself is right in front of the Mystical Cave, buried in the ground. Find a glowing spot for the chest then dig it out with your shovel. You now have both components for the Sunstone Scroll.

Return to Mother Gothel then give her the items. She’ll open the chest to retrieve the aforesaid scroll. Now, she is one step closer to obtaining the Sunstone. This fulfills her second Friendship quest, with the Sunstone acting as the main focus of her activities. Here is the full questline for Mother Gothel in the game:

  • The Curse
  • My Kingdom For A Scroll
  • Shine a Light
  • The Sunstone Fragments
  • Village Project: Restoring the Sunstone

Obtaining the scroll comes to us after helping out Scrooge McDuck with planting a Micberry Tree. The purpose of this tree is to scare away any potential thieves and shady characters. It also adds a bit more glam to the appearance of the Valley by placing a unique tree right by the salesman’s store.

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