Disney Dreamlight Valley | White Marsh Milkweed Location

Who doesn’t love to throw out new decorations and presentations in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The life sim allows players in the Valley to craft together and place new items across the different biomes to their liking. From new pathways and pillars to peculiar keepsakes and memorabilia, you truly make the experience your own with many famous characters hanging out alongside you. For this guide, we’re going over the White Marsh Milkweed flower, used for a few decorative items once you pick it up. Here’s how you can spot the White Marsh Milkweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find White Marsh Milkweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find White Marsh Milkweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can find the White Marsh Milkweed flower in the Glade of Trust, the southwest region of the Valley. There are several different kinds of Milkweed in the Glade of Trust, so keep your eyes peeled for a green flowery stalk with bright blue bulbs. Even though the description for the foraged item includes a white appearance, the tip of the flower comes out to be more blue than white. Depending on your graphics and color settings, you might notice a pitch of green on the top. Nonetheless, this will be the flower that you’re looking for.

Upon picking up the White Marsh Milkweed, the game will inform you of what decorations and furniture items you’ve unlocked. To see what’s available, head over to a Crafting station to start experimenting with the new flower. Though there aren’t many options to choose from, here are a few creations that you can build:

  • White, Yellow, and Black Balloon Arch
  • White, Yellow, and Black Balloon Cluster
  • Daisy and Marsh Milkweed Pot (pictured above)

The only other Milkweed type that players might mistake for the flower in question here is the Blue Marsh variant. It comes with blue bulbs at the top, following a familiar distinguishing appearance to the White Marsh. The other Milkweeds in the Glade of Trust are Orange, Orange & Red, and Purple. Evidently, these are quite distinctive due to their individual colors, so these should be fairly easy to classify and separate.

If decorating isn’t your cup of tea, you can always present the White Marsh Milkweed to a villager for a boost in Friendship. Alternatively, Goofy can buy them from you for 33 Star Coins per flower.

That’s all you need to know about the White Marsh Milkweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley! For more guides, check out these additional tips: