Disney Dreamlight Valley | Will There Be A Physical Edition?

Ever since the initial Early Access release of Disney Dreamlight Valley, fans have been pouring hours into quests and activities with their favorite characters. We can go fishing with Ariel and Wall-E; harvest crops and plant new ones with Minnie and Remy; break down barriers with Merlin and Scar. It’s almost like a dream coming true, and there are even more updates to come. However, since it’s going to be a free-to-play title upon full release, players are wondering if they’ll see a physical edition of Disney Dreamlight Valley. As with many games that deal in free-to-play models, this question can either be a good one or something rather disappointing. Keep reading onward to see if there will be a physical copy of the game.

Will There Be A Physical Edition of Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Will There Be A Physical Edition of Disney Dreamlight Valley?

By all official accounts, it seems that Disney Dreamlight Valley will not have a physical edition. However, that’s to be expected of a free-to-play game. With the F2P approach, little profits will be made through the sale of physical copies of the game. Sure, we do have the Founder’s Packs that provide early access to the game, as well as through a Game Pass subscription. Then again, considering that will eventually be free to enjoy, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see a copy of the game in our hands.

As mentioned before, there are Founder’s Packs for Disney Dreamlight Valley that offer extra cosmetics, furniture, currency, and more. They’re 100% digital, but it’s the closest you’ll get in terms of owning the game by means of payment. Otherwise, you’ll have until next year for the full release of the title. By then we should know if any changes have been made.

Adding physical copies of your games is something of a showcasing treasure. The sensation of owning a disc doesn’t exactly compare to merely having digital-only games. With so many dedicated fans who have already tricked up their unique Valleys, it’s probably going to be upsetting for those who do not have the game as a part of their disc collection.

In truth, this all might change! Disney is a massive entertainment empire, after all. They always have special events and anniversaries going on, nearly on a weekly basis, if not, daily. The game is incredibly popular, so there’s a good chance that a special edition could be in the books. Only time will tell.

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