Disney Dreamlight Valley Worms | How to Get

Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley is ready to move into the titular territory with the inclusion of one of his quests. Ultimately, he does arrive at the Valley, but he needs to adjust himself to the new environment. That’s when worms come into play, where the player will experiment with them for narrative purposes as Maui moves into the magical area. Of course, it isn’t entirely straightforward here, but you’ll need to collect worms for his “Burying the Eel” quest. If you’re having an issue finding worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, fear no longer. Our guide below will help you on your journey.

How to Get Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

During Maui’s quest “Burying the Eel” you’ll be tasked with trapping worms for an eel to grow a coconut tree. To do this, assemble 10 Softwood around the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow. They’re merely bundles of sticks that lay on the ground; they’re impossible to miss amidst the vibrant green fields. Craft the 10 Softwood pieces onto a Crafting station, and you’ll receive a brand new trap to place into the water. As for the worms, they’re found amongst the Peaceful Meadow’s ponds with sparkling glows of mold right near them — about extremely close to the water source itself.

There are three primary ponds on the Peaceful Meadow that players can attend to. There’s one near Dazzle Beach to the east. The two others are to the left of the region, which is right by Goofy’s stand and Merlin’s residence, in close proximity. When you see the illuminated pile, use your shovel to dig them up. A pile of worms will spawn upon the scoop from the shovel, or perhaps some mold if you went to the wrong site. Be sure to collect three of them for Maui’s quest; if you don’t see any lights on the ground, return to them in a timely fashion. They just might reappear.

Maui’s Importance in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The inclusion of the worms is a way of representing Maui and his importance in the Valley. Ever since Moana moved to the magical place, Maui has been missing her. But since he’s a demigod, he feels that his importance should mean something more wherever he goes. Therefore, he wants to grow a coconut tree in the Valley. It’s where he comes from, so it isn’t quite a surprise that he wants to incorporate coconuts into the Valley’s variety of vegetables and fruits.

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