Disney Dreamlight Valley Yule Goat | How to Make

Christmas time may have passed, but that doesn’t mean Disney Dreamlight Valley is out of Christmas cheer! This update will stick around, and so you can decorate your home with all of the holiday spirit you’d like. One of the more interesting creations in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Yule Goat, a cute, animal-like decoration. However, how to craft this thing is far from obvious. You will need to figure out the recipe to make this fake farm animal. Don’t worry, we can help. Let’s learn the recipe together!

How to Make a Yule Goat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make a Yule Goat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Yule Goat in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires 50 Wheat and two Fabric to craft. Once you have these ingredients, you can craft the goat at a crafting table. This furniture item can be placed in or outside of any property on which you have building permission. Find it in the Furniture Tab, like the Gift-Laden Sleight, and place it using the build menu.

50 wheat may sound daunting, and it is if you do not have a farm. Thankfully, you can obtain the seeds for a mere one Star Coin at Goofy’s stall. Just plant 50 and you’ll see your Goat ready to go in a minute! Make sure you bring a friend to level up their Friendship while harvesting!

You’ll need some cotton if you want to craft the two fabric. Cotton Seeds require you to get to the Sunlit Plateau. These cost more, at 42 Star Coins, and will take about a half-hour to grow. This is a relatively low-profit crop, but fabric is used in many crafting recipes. Consider making a small farm for it on the Plateau.

Once you have all of the parts, you will find the Yule Goat on your Furniture Recipes menu. It will be near other snow-based, festive items, like the Classic Snowman and Kinara.

The goat itself is not huge, but will require about a chair’s worth of space in or outside of your house. It’ll keep you nice and warm through this snowy season!

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