Does Back 4 Blood Have Local Couch Co-Op?

Have you been looking for a return to Left 4 Dead since Vermintide? Just looking for an awesome co-op experience while mowing down zombies? Well, Back 4 Blood is exactly what we’ve been looking for! This spiritual successor to the original Valve title is here to fill that zombie-killing niche that we’ve been missing. It seems to be inspired by quite a few mechanics as well, such as the special zombies. One thing that everyone wants to get back in Back 4 Blood is local couch co-op, since Left 4 Dead had it and it was stellar. So… Is it back?

Is There Local Couch Co-Op In Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood local couch co-op

Unfortunately, Back 4 Blood does not have local couch co-op as of the early access and beta. There are no options to start a split-screen game, nor any options for multiple players to play on the same console or computer. There is no guarantee that this will remain the case, however it is likely to stay this way throughout its release.

This means that you will not be able to play with someone on the same console right off the bat. This is an unfortunate trend with modern games, since it can be difficult to keep graphical quality with split-screen games. While Back 4 Blood was not made to push graphics, with how many zombies and effects will be on screen at once… It is not easy to make split-screen work with a game like this.

That being said, that doesn’t mean that it will never have split-screen. Some games do eventually get local couch co-op after release, when the devs are done fixing bugs. This would be a fantastic game to get multiplayer on a couch, so it’s totally possible that it’s on the to-do list of Turtle Rock Studios. If you’re someone who’s looking for split-screen multiplayer, then keep an eye on the Twitter of Turtle Rock and Matt O’Driscoll. They might have information out soon!

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