Does Crysis Remastered Have Multiplayer?

The Crysis Remastered Trilogy is finally here, bringing the beloved sci-fi shooters onto current-gen hardware. The new remasters, produced by the original developers at Crytek, are the best way for new fans to experience the genre-defining trilogy. With three beloved single-player campaigns to experience, players are wondering if the trilogy’s multiplayer components are returning, too. If you’re thinking of purchasing the trilogy and aren’t sure whether multiplayer is included, then fear not. We’ve got all the details you need!

Is There Multiplayer in Crysis Remastered?

Does Crysis Remastered Have Multiplayer Game Modes?

Sadly, the Crysis Remastered Trilogy does not include the original games’ multiplayer components. That means the new release is entirely single-player, so you can’t join online multiplayer with friends.

However, this isn’t necessarily a surprise. Before this remastered Crysis trilogy, Crytek re-released the original 2007 entry, for current consoles, in September 2020. That port of the game contained just the single-player, with no co-op or PvP aspects. As such, when producing remasters of the other two games, Crytek took the same approach. You get all the story from the original trilogy, but none of the multiplayer components to boost its longevity.

It’s certainly a shame, as Crysis‘ multiplayer was one of the defining entries as online FPS games first took off. Back when Call of Duty: World at War was the biggest FPS, Crysis had several PvP modes. However, the series never had any co-op campaigns, which was a shame with fans. It’s a missed opportunity, especially considering each level’s sprawling map size and verticality.

Despite the potential for including multiplayer, it seems Crytek have opted to go without. It’s an unusual decision considering how online services tend to greatly increase a game’s longevity. However, fans will have to make do with the original campaigns that kicked off the series. It’s better than nothing – but it’s certainly a shame.