Does Metroid Dread Have New Game Plus?

It is super exciting to finally have a new installment in the Metroid franchise with the recent release of Metroid Dread on Nintendo Switch! With its 2D side-scrolling action, the new game hearkens back to the older titles in the wildly successful series. With many newer games having a New Game Plus mode attached to them, many are wondering if Metroid Dread followed suit. Read on to find out!

Does Metroid Dread Have New Game Plus?

Does Metroid Dread Have A New Game Plus Mode?

Unfortunately, Metroid Dread does not have a New Game Plus mode. Granted, Metroid games in the past haven’t had New Game Plus either, so this isn’t much of a surprise. However, there is still more to offer after the game is beaten. Just as past Metroid games have done, beating the game on Normal does at least unlock a Hard Mode.

How is this any different? Well, New Game Plus modes usually carry over progress. This includes high-level characters, unlocked weapons and possession of late-game artifacts that allow much earlier access to locked-off areas. Metroid Dread‘s Hard Mode gives you no quarter in this regard. You will be starting the game over as you normally would with only your basic weapon and minimal health. If you thought Normal Mode was challenging, then Hard Mode will push you to your limits, as both Enemies and Bosses have significantly more health and deal much higher damage. It will serve you well to have extensive knowledge of Enemy and Boss movement and attack patterns. Fortunately, these do not change during your romp through Hard Mode.

Beating Hard Mode will have its rewards as well. Just as Normal Mode unlocks up to three Artwork Rewards depending on how quickly you finish the game, Hard Mode has three additional Artwork Rewards that are awarded in the same vein. Additionally, there is a final bonus Artwork awarded for unlocking the other six. Think you can beat Metroid Dread in both Normal and Hard Modes under four hours? This is what you have to accomplish to unlock all the Artwork Rewards and get the Bonus Artwork.