Does New World Have Controller Support?

The recent success of New World has brought a massive wave of players to the land of Aeternum. The game has already broken records, and the industry is now eyeing Amazon as a potential publisher for other games. But since it’s only available to play on PC, the more console-oriented community is wondering if the popular MMO supports controllers. Here’s all you need to know if New World can support gamepads or any other controller options.

Does New World Support Controllers or Gamepads?

New World Controller and Gamepad Support

New World does not have controller support, and it seems it never well. According to a tweet from the developers, there are no plans to introduce controller support in the future. This is sad news for players who prefer a gamepad or otherwise have difficulty using a mouse and keyboard.

This comes as something of a reversal, as the development team had previously mentioned ensuring controllers would work. For some reason, that plan got left on the cutting room floor. Many fans have expressed disappointment in the change, noting that gamepad and controller accessibility is essential for some gamers. Not to mention that some players are simply more comfortable with a gamepad over the mouse and keyboard.

While there is no official support for controllers or gamepads, players always find a way of working around these things. There are programs that apply certain features to allow additional gameplay support if the mouse and keyboard isn’t within your range. This is especially helpful for players with disabilities who prefer to work in modified ways in order to play.

While it is disheartening that New World doesn’t feature controller support, there’s always hope that one day it will. The game has only recently released, and being that it is an MMO, Amazon is naturally still working on it. Perhaps we may have to give it some time. Amazon already knows that gamepad and controller support is being requested, so who knows? The developers might just reverse the decision if enough players ask for it — or if the game ever makes the jump to consoles.

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