Does PS5 3D Audio Work With Any Headphones?

Whenever a new generation comes out, the graphics are usually the focus. The PlayStation 5 certainly delivers in that department, but it’s important to note how much of an improvement the audio is. 3D Audio is a new addition to the PlayStation hardware family, and it is absolutely stunning. Every step forwards into total immersion is important, after all! So, does PS5 3D Audio work for any headphones? Or do you need to get exactly what Sony tells you to?

Will Any Headphones Work With PS5 3D Audio?

PS5 3D audio

PS5 3D Audio will work with any headphones or pair of earbuds that you want. This is because of the Tempest tech in the console itself, rather than something that the earphones give you. The PlayStation PULSE 3D Headset is an extremely comfortable and good headphone that max out the 3D audio experience. However, you’ll get most of the experience of 3D audio no matter what you’re using to listen in on it.

Obviously, you won’t be getting the 3D audio experience with speakers quite yet. While the sound quality is stellar, 3D audio is designed for headphones and you need those if you want total immersion. There’s only so much Tempest tech can do to obscure outside sounds and such through speakers. Maybe in the distant future, there’ll be a way to fill your room with the audio of the game… Though, that’d require a ton of speakers with a ton of wires! Would probably be worth it.

That being said, headsets like the PULSE 3D Headset are specifically designed to make the 3D audio experience as vibrant and real as possible. The newer or more designed for the PlayStation that the headset is, the better your experience will be. Older headsets will benefit, so don’t go shilling out money for no reason. However, you’ll not regret it if you need a newer headset, and get a good deal for modern, solid headsets.

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