Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have A Single-Player Campaign?

The newest entry of the Rainbow Six franchise is here! Rainbow Six Extraction is taking a slightly new direction than Rainbow Six SiegeExtraction promises to be a co-op game, where you and three friends take on a new alien menace! That being said, the co-op part of R6 Extraction rings loud and true. Will this be like Siege where the majority of the game relies entirely on other people? Or will it be like the older games in the series, and you get to enjoy it alone? Let’s figure out if Rainbow Six Extraction has a solo campaign or not!

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have A Solo Campaign?

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have A Solo Campaign?

There is no official single player campaign for Rainbow Six Extraction planned for release. While the game more game modes are promised post released, there is no traditional solo campaign at launch. You can play missions solo with bots and progress in a Left 4 Dead style. However, there is nothing designed with a single-player story mode heart quite yet.

That being said, similar to Rainbow Six Siege, it is highly likely that more content will be added to Extraction as time goes on. This will probably mean loads of multiplayer modes. However, it could mean single-player campaigns. Ubisoft has not been specific on their goals, so anything’s possible!

If it’s anything like Back 4 Blood, then prospects may not look too hot. These games follow Left 4 Dead‘s philosophy, and basically merge single-player and multiplayer campaigns together. The most we should expect is that we’ll get to play all missions with bots or with friends.

Thankfully, the game can be played in an offline lobby. That means you do not have to always have an internet connection, unlike Back 4 Blood, if you want to take out the menaces.

That being said, there has been no mention on a difficulty scaling for the monsters that you’ll run into. If your single-player mission experience is the same with 3 bots or 3 human allies… Well, let’s just say that you might not have too much fun. We don’t know if they plan on scaling now or in the future.