Does Risk of Rain 2 Have Cross-Play?

Risk of Rain 2 just celebrated its first year of release with the Bandit. The sharpshooter and a ton of other items are here to kick off a new year for the game, where we are likely to see expansion packs for it. Because of that, you might be excited to get the game and play with your friends. However, there is one evil that always seems to creep up on these co-op adventures; cross-play. It’s rare that games have this feature, but those that do allow players to have fun with their friends everywhere. So, does Risk of Rain 2 support cross-platform play?

Does Risk of Rain 2 Have Cross-Platform Play?


No, there are currently no versions of Risk of Rain 2 that support any kind of cross-play. The Hoopoo team has not announced any plans about adding additional cross-platform functionality as of the writing of this article. Considering the developer’s history, it is likely that Risk of Rain 2 will not be receiving cross-play support within the next few years.

Hoopoo has not really supported extreme cross-platform accessibility in the past. Risk of Rain 1 has some functionality between PS4 and the PlayStation Vita, but that is not significant cross-platform functionality. It is not as difficult to make that work compared to, say, Stadia to Switch. And considering how many platforms Risk of Rain 2 is out on, it would be a big ask to make the game cross-platform at all, let alone amongst the five that 2 is on.

This is unsurprising. Cross-play is one of the hardest online functionalities that a developer could add to a game. So, the small team at Hoopoo is probably not going to want to put in the resources that AAA studios rarely even consider.

That being said, Risk of Rain 2 has a ton of support coming to it in the future. There are multiple expansions coming down the pipeline, and perhaps they will be able to hire someone to focus on internet ability then. I would not hold my breath, though! They don’t really seem interested at all.

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