How to Build Bathrooms in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a crafting, exploration-based game that allows players to build almost anything that they can find and replicate. From massive bases for a defense against the Children of Hargon to small Bathrooms for basic needs, there’s a ton to dig into. Employing familiar mechanics of harvesting resources and creating structures, it provides a superb open-world experience in a unique alternate storyline in the Dragon Quest franchise.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 How to Build Bathroom

Of course, characters may need time to take a break for themselves and freshen up at times. But just how do players get proper plumbing to set up for the villagers, though? Plumping and sewage on the islands don’t sound too pretty, but we’re going to need some restrooms, one way or another. Here’s how to build a Dragon Quest Builders 2 Bathroom, complete with its accommodating variants.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Bathroom Building Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Bathroom Recipes

There are several Bathrooms that players can create in Dragon Quest Builders 2. The first thing any indoor restroom needs, though, is a porcelain throne. To craft a Toilet, players must combine any Pot and any Towel to generate one. A rather straightforward process in a rather unappealing way.

Placing the Toilet, any Light Source, and any Towel will register the area as a Toilet Room. It’s only meant for one villager to use at a time; that’s where some of the best room types come into play, especially if you’re looking to improve your Hotel and Reception Rooms.

How to Construct Different Bathrooms

Dragon Quest Builders 2 uses a grid-based system of crafting and construction similar to that of Terraria. In short, players must gather resources throughout the game world to craft and sell items and structures. By constructing a room, four walls, a door, a roof, and the works, players can create specialized areas. What these rooms do depends on the crafted objects that players place within.

As for washing up, there are a few options to explore here in the rooms. Be ready to expand your creative muscles with the following Baths and Showers that you can put together:

  • Ladies’ Baths
  • Men’s Baths
  • Rustic Bathroom
  • Scenic Shower Room
  • Shared Bathroom
  • Shower Room
  • Wood-Burning Bathroom

The first two are relatively similar. Both require very alike blueprints, though you won’t be needing a Light Source. Instead, you’ll need the following items (for Type 1 or Tier 1 baths):

  • Ladies’ Baths – Basic Bathtub (x2), Towel (Any 2), Lady Sign (x1).
    • Bubbly Baths, Bathtubs, Showers, and Spas (Set) will provide higher building tiers.
  • Men’s Baths – Basic Bathtub (x2), Towel (Any 2), Gentleman Sign (x1).
    • The same tier rules are applicable for both rooms.

The next one is the Rustic Bathroom. To start off, the rustic area requires one Basic Bathtub, for that rustic aesthetic. Next, any three Towels will need to be placed in the room to accompany the four Washtubs. Lastly, place down a Chair of your choosing, and the game will register the improved area.

Now we’re moving on to the few shower rooms that you can assemble. The first of the bunch is the Scenic Shower Room. To construct it, players will need a sizable space. Within it, start by placing down the following items:

  • Scenic Shower Room – Shower (x4), Towel (x2 any), Folding Screen (x2), Light Source (x2 any), Small Window (x4).
    • Replacing the Small Windows with one regular Window will increase this room’s tier.

The villagers will have to get really comfy with one another as we proceed with the next build: the Shared Bathroom. Yes, it’s all about the community here in Dragon Quest Builders 2, and this particular Bathroom is especially useful. Here’s the recipe for the Shared Shower Room:

  • Basic Bathtub (x2), Towel (x2 any), Washtub (x2), Light Source (Any).
    • Any replacements for the Bathtub will improve the room’s Type.

Expert Tips

Go absolutely crazy with the freedom that you have here. Look through the Public Housing, Profession, Castle, and Spa Resort options for some incredible builds.

Now, if you’re looking for a pretty basic Shower Room, you basically need fewer ingredients than the Scenic variant. To craft a regular Shower Room, put together the following items:

  • Shower Room – Shower (Any), Towel (Any), Folding Screen.

With all of these previous rooms, residents will come in and out of the facilities. If there’s more room within these above-listed areas, you’ll witness more interaction going on between the vibrant folks.

You’ll witness plenty of this with a well-established Wood-Burning Bathroom. The recipe for this room includes the following:

  • Wood-Burning Bathroom – Basic Bathtub (x2), Towel (x3 any), Washtub (x4), Chair (Any), Light Source (Any), Firewood (x2).

From there, you’re free to decorate to your heart’s content. Watch as the NPCs enter and exit the rooms, exclaiming a few repeated lines of dialogue. “I can’t wait!” one says as he stands in line for the restroom; “Hurry up!” another one shouted with impatience.

That’s pretty much to it when it comes to assembling Bathrooms in Dragon Quest Builders 2. We know plumbing isn’t easy when it comes to living and farming on islands, but we gotta take care of business somehow. Besides, the Hairy Hermit will be happy to see that you’re building!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Toilet Room and a Bathroom?

A Toilet facility only consists of a Stone Pot, a Towel, and a Light Source while the Bathroom is more complete with an actual Toilet.

How do I access my blueprints for the Bathrooms?

Your available blueprints are located in the Builderpedia.