Dragon Quest Builders 2 Dressing Table | How to build

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Dressing Table

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the successor in a unique spinoff series taking place in the Dragon Quest universe. While offering the same atmosphere and setting as previous Dragon Quest titles, it introduces elements of crafting and construction similar to that of Minecraft and Terraria. However, unlike those games, it provides a higher amount of character customization. Through the Dragon Quest Builders 2 dressing table players can update their in-game sprite. 

How to build and use the Dragon Quest Builders 2 dressing table

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Dressing Table

Dragon Quest Builders 2 uses an extensive and involved crafting system. Borrowing characteristics from previous open world sandboxes, it utilizes a mixture of item crafting and room building. By constructing various items, such as a dressing table, players are able to construct many types of rooms. 

To construct a dressing table, players need to gather several kinds of in-game materials. First off, they’ll need to obtain three pieces of wood. Along with that, players will need to gather glass and a copper ingot. By taking these materials to a crafting table, the option to construct a dressing table will become available. 

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After receiving their new dressing table, players will be able to use the object in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the Dragon Quest Builders 2 dressing table can be used to update characters’ appearances. However, some may find it more useful to build larger rooms using the dressing table. 

A nicer version of a bedroom can be constructed by using the dressing table as well. Known as the Neat ‘n’ Sweet Bedroom, it is constructed similarly to a standard bedroom. Players will need to insert a resident’s sign and a bed. Additionally, there will need to be an ornamental flower, a chair, and a light source within the room. Lastly, players will need to place their new dressing table in the room. Then they will be able to sit back and enjoy their new furnishings!