Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hotel | How to build a hotel

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hotel

There’s a plethora of things to do, creatures to kill, buildings to build, and foods to cook in Dragon Quest Builders 2. For the perfectionists, the game can be a daunting yet rewarding experience. For players who love to power through the game, but need some direction or details, here’s how to construct a Dragon Quest Builders 2 hotel. 

How to build a Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hotel 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hotel

After getting a few townsfolk attracted and moved in to a Builders settlement, there’s only one thing to do: make the settlement even better. There are several luxury buildings and rooms that can be constructed in the game, but sometimes simplicity is key. Give the people a “day-cation,” and break ground on an in-game hotel. 

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There’s a couple of basic components that are needed for a hotel. First and foremost, there has to be a place for people to sleep. This sleeping room, known usually as a “bedroom” by almost everybody, is easily constructed. 

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More specifically, players need to build a basic bedroom. To start off, place any two types of beds somewhere in an adequately sized room. After orienting the two beds in an interior designer friendly way, place any type of light source in the room. This should qualify as a basic bedroom. 

Next, there needs to be a front desk for guests to check in, book rooms, or to dodge in a hurried attempt to dorm and dash. This is known as a reception room. To get started, construct a room connected to the bedroom via a door. 

After a large enough space has been carved or placed out, the reception room will need two tables of any kind. After that place stationary anywhere in the room, though sensibly on a table. Put a candle as a light source elsewhere within, and place wall hangings on one of the room’s walls. Upon completion, this should yield a Dragon Quest Builders 2 hotel.