Dragon Quest Builders 2 Playful Park | How to build a Petting Zoo

There are many different rooms that players can build in Dragon Quest Builders 2One of these is less of a ‘room’  and more of a park. The Dragon Quest Builders Playful Park task is given to players once they revisit Clayton after completing the Furrowfield Island. Here is how to build a Petting Zoo in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

How to build a Dragon Quest Builders 2 Playful Park

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Playful Park

After completing the Furrowfield Island, players can return to the island to visit Clayton, who will give them instructions on building a Playful Park. While he does share the materials needed to build the room, some players are still having issues getting it built properly.

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As a reminder, you’ll need four different items to build a Playful Park in Dragon Quest Builders 2. The room recipe can be seen in the list below.

  • Bench (2)
  • Flowers (2)
  • Tree Swing Set (1 Tree, 1 Swing)
  • Wooden plank pathway (2)

Despite a rather simple recipe, a lot of players are still having trouble getting Clayton to accept their Petting Zoo. The confusion here likely comes from the definition of what a ‘room’ is in Dragon Quest Builders 2. 

When the phrase ‘rooms’ is used in the game, this means that the structure must have both walls and doors. Since Clayton has tasked players with building a Playful Park, a lot of players are naturally assuming that it can be an open space. However, the Playful Park is still considered a room, which means it must have walls and a door to count.

Not all of the structures in the game are considered rooms, so you’ll want to look for the Room Icon when you’re building a structure. This will help players determine what is needed for a specific structure. If you don’t see the icon, then you won’t necessarily need walls and a door for it to count. However, if the Room Icon is there, then you’ll need walls and a door every time.

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