Dragon Quest Builders 2 Reception Room | How to build a Reception Room

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Reception Room

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a unique game that focuses on building, of course! There are lots of quests in the game that will require players to construct different items, like a dressing table, in exchange for a rewards. Some of these tasks are simple, while others can be a tad difficult. One such quest involved players building a Dragon Quest Builders 2 Reception Room in order to earn the Magic Pencil. Unfortunately, there aren’t clear instructions this room, leaving players wondering what materials are required to build a Reception Room?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Reception Room | How to build a Reception Room

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Reception Room

Building a Reception Room in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is part of the Stone Tablet goals for Sacred Sands, which will reward players with the Magic Pencil upon completion. This may sound a bit silly, but the Magic Pencil is actually quite useful, as it lets players create blueprints for any building that they come across. Then, later on in the game, players can use those blueprints to recreate that building wherever they want.

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Now that you know why you want the Magic Pencil, you’re probably wondering how you can build a Reception Room so you can complete the quest and get the Pencil. Good new, building a reception room isn’t going to be very hard and won’t take long if you know what you’re doing!

To build a reception room in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you’ll need to the following items:

  • Tables (2)
  • Stationery (1)
  • Candle (1)
  • Wall Hanging (1)

It’s as simple as that! For the Tables, you can use any kind of Table that you have ready to go. For the other items, you’ll want to use the specific items. This is especially true for the Wall Hanging item. You’re looking for a specific item called ‘Wall Hanging’ not just an item that can be hung on the wall.

With the Stationery, you’ll want to follow the same logic, look for the item called Stationery not just some paper or a book. Finally for the Candle, use the actual Candle, not a Candlestick.

There have been reports from some players that using alternative items will still allow you to build a Reception Room. However, it is best to stick to the main crafting recipe for guaranteed success.

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