Dragon Quest Treasures | All Paternoggin Local Materials

You’ll explore many islands in Dragon Quest Treasures. One of them is The Paternoggin. This island is where you’ll begin your adventure, and you’ll make frequent return trips to it once you’ve set up your base. The Paternoggin has its own unique list of local materials for recruiting fees, crafting, and cooking. If you’re short on some materials and aren’t sure where to find them, we’ll go over exactly what’s at The Paternoggin.

All Paternoggin Local Materials in Dragon Quest Treasures

All Paternoggin Local Materials in Dragon Quest Treasures

The Patternoggin doesn’t offer quite as many materials as some of the other islands. In fact, it’s tied with The Maneland for the least amount of local materials. But that doesn’t make what’s available at The Paternoggin any less valuable. Keep in mind that while you can sometimes find other materials at The Paternoggin, these are main local ones that you’re guaranteed to collect.

From sprawling grassy plains to ancient ruins hidden in forests, here’s the list of main materials available locally at The Paternoggin:

  • Wondrous Wheat
  • Nectar
  • Salt of the Earth
  • Sparkly Sap
  • Finessence
  • Royal Soil
  • Unfungus
  • Bleached Bone
  • Solar Flower
  • Glimmergrass

These materials can be used for a variety of different purposes. As mentioned before, materials will be needed for monster recruitment. That’s because each monster you scout will have a randomized fee of materials before it will join your crew. It seems like a scouted monster will tend to want materials from its homeland more often, but that’s not officially confirmed.

These materials will also be needed for crafting and cooking. In order to craft, you’ll first need to unlock the pellet workshop by completing the side quest Pellet Production. Likewise, unlocking the canteen for cooking will first require you to complete the side quest The Canteen Queen.

You can easily find these materials as you go off to explore The Paternoggin in search of buried treasure. However, if you have more important matters to attend to, you can send a dispatch team of monsters instead. Just talk to Mr Muddimer back at the base to form a team, and he’ll tell you what they’ll come across on their current mission.