Dragon Quest Treasures | Best Treasure Hiding Spots

While Dragon Quest Treasures takes an unconventional approach to multiplayer, it still manages to be enjoyable. The best online feature in the game comes in the form of Treasure Hunts. You seek out treasures from other players and, likewise, hide your own. It’s important to hide your treasure as its value is increased the more players find it. But some hiding spots are better than others. Here’s how to choose the best treasure hiding spots in Dragon Quest Treasures for some extra coin.

Best Treasure Hiding Spots in Dragon Quest Treasures

Best Treasure Hiding Spots in Dragon Quest Treasures

Much like in real estate, the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a hiding spot is location. Some spots just aren’t fun to get to, even if it’s easy to do so. There’s no real sense of adventure in hunting down another player’s treasure if it’s right outside the gate of a train station. You’ll want players to go out of their way to hunt down whatever goods you bury.

You can place three total hiding spots for your treasure across all of Draconia. Each time you do, you’re informed if the spot is good or risky. Some spots are risky because they’re within the vicinity of monster spawn points. Don’t hide your treasure here! There’s not much joy in having to clear out groups of monsters for treasure replicas. Instead, go off the beaten path.

Look for areas that players will have to think about how to get to. A great method is using monster Fortes. Bury your treasure on top of a stone monument that requires a player to get to with Launch. Or maybe hide it on a cliff that can only be reached to with Glide. You want to encourage exploration and strategy to make treasure hunting more fun. Players will go out of their way to claim loot that they have to work for, which means more downloads and more money.

If at any point you want to swap out your treasure for a piece that’s more valuable, or just want to change its location, talk to AL4N . Be sure to check in with him from time to time and see how well your treasure is doing. You might be surprised by how quickly people download your treasure data if it’s in an interesting place.