Dragon Quest Treasures | Can You Trade Monsters?

Dragon Quest Treasures might seem like another catch-’em-all style game in the vein of the Pokémon series. That’s because, like Pokémon, monsters play an important role in the gameplay. You’ll need a monster’s Forte ability in order to succeed on your adventure. Plus, a well-rounded monster party is crucial to succeed in combat. You might be wondering if you can build your roster faster by trading with other players. Read on to find out if you and your friends can trade your favorite monster buddies with each other.

Can You Trade Monsters With Other Players in Dragon Quest Treasures?

Can You Trade Monsters With Other Players in Dragon Quest Treasures?

This might come as a surprise to some players, but you actually can’t trade your monsters. Dragon Quest Treasures doesn’t have separate versions like the recently released Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Every monster that can be recruited can join your gang of treasure hunters without needing to trade.

While you can certainly set out to recruit every monster available, there’s not not a core emphasis on filling out a Dragon Quest version of a Pokédex. There’s an important reason that “treasures” is in the game’s title — it’s what the game revolves around. There are no trainers to battle or any equivalent to Pokémon gyms (though you will have to defend your base from rival gangs).

Dragon Quest Treasures still gives you a way to interact with your friends. There’s not traditional multiplayer co-op, but you can swap Gang IDs with your pals. This will allow your monsters to visit each other’s bases. While there, they can show off a random piece of your treasure to make your friends jealous and then leave behind a replica at their base. It’s definitely not comparable to trading version exclusive monsters, but it’s still a neat feature.

A lack of trading is yet another way that Dragon Quest Treasures sets itself apart from the monster collector genre of games. It’s easy to assume that this is just a Pokémon-style adventure at first glance. However, it’s really an action-RPG that features monster collecting rather than revolving solely around it. That type of gameplay is instead found in the spin-off series Dragon Quest Monsters.

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