Dragon Quest Treasures Chimera Wings | How to Get

As the title suggests, Dragon Quest Treasures is full of goodies for you to find. These are usually cool nods to the whole Dragon Quest franchise. You’ll often uncover across classic recurring weapons or fancy statues of iconic characters. These are rare finds that are determined by an RNG. But there’s a different type of treasure, too: Chimera Wings. These single-use items are invaluable to exploration and they’re hard to come by. Below, we’ll go over how to stock your inventory with plenty of them.

How to Get Chimera Wings in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Get Chimera Wings in Dragon Quest Treasures

If you’re new to the Dragon Quest series, you might not know what Chimera Wings are. This item is a staple that shows up in every game. Usually, they act as an alternative to the teleportation spell Zoom. For the most part, Chimera Wings in Dragon Quest Treasures function similarly. The difference is that these will instead teleport you back to your home base rather than any map location.

When you use a Chimera Wing, you’ll retain any treasure you’re currently carrying. It’s perfect for situations like being attacked by a Rival Gang or accidentally stumbling across a monster that’s too high of a level for you. Not having to risk your monsters dropping your treasure takes the pressure off exploring. It also prevents the worst case scenario of being unable to heal and getting a game over.

The problem is that monsters are extremely unlikely to drop Chimera Wings. Instead, you’ll mainly find these as one-time quest rewards. Almost every side quest will reward you with a Chimera Wing, so it’s important to complete as many as you can. But even if you were to finish every side quest in the game, there’s still a way to consistently get Chimera Wings.

Every day, you’ll be given four randomly selected Daily Quests. These can range from having to use your Wild Side ability, foraging for a certain amount of times in a specified location, or just using your Treasure Vision. By completing all of them, however, you’ll always be granted two Chimera Wings. That might not seem like a lot, but Chimera Wings should always be used as a last-ditch effort. Between side quests and Daily Quests, you’ll stock up on them in no time, so long as you use them carefully.

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