Dragon Quest Treasures Excuses, Excuses | How to Complete

Erik and Mia aren’t the only treasure hunters in Dragon Quest Treasures. In fact, their gang is the newest throughout Draconia. There are quite a few rival gangs they’ll have to contend with in order to raise through the ranks. However, some members of these gangs are actually friendly and will give out some side quests. One of these characters is Gayle, whom you’ll come across quite frequently. Her side quest Excuses, Excuses involves finding and killing a certain amount of monsters. If you’re confused as to where to look, or just want some advice on how to take the monsters down, read below for our guide.

How to Complete Excuses, Excuses in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete Excuses, Excuses in Dragon Quest Treasures

In order for this quest to unlock, you’ll first need to get the Bitterbutte Bottom Station up and running. That requires collecting lotus nectar, which can be foraged nearby, as well as scouting a queen slime, who will show up in the Hinterquarters at night. You’ll also need some sanguinite, which you can get by completing the dungeon portals in the Snarl.

Once the Bitterbutte Bottom Station is fully functional again, you’ll get this quest from rival treasure hunter Gayle. She can’t leave the station because there’s too many tundrackies, which she absolutely hates. She promises to reward you if you’re able to defeat eight tundrackies.

You can start to find the tundrackies right outside the opening path of the Bitterbutte Bottom Station. They’ll be around level 22, and they’re extremely weak to fire damage, so Frizz pellets are a great choice. Monsters with fire-based abilities, such as the Elysium Bird from Cinderback Ridge, are also great to have in your party if you’re too low leveled.

Be careful when venturing out, because you’re likely to run into packs of silver sabrecats in addition to the tundrackies. These cute kitties are even higher leveled than the tundrackies themselves and can do quite a lot of damage. Return to Gayle after you’ve slayed the eight tundrackies. She’ll give you a Sylphanian Standard, which is the national flag of the Sylphanian Kingdom, and an ever-useful chimera wing.