Dragon Quest Treasures Eye of the Beast | How to Complete

The main story of Dragon Quest Treasures involves Erik and Mia hunting down the Seven Stones. Side quests and general treasure hunting are important, but so is the main quest. One of the Seven Stones you’ll need to track down is the Sapphire Eye. There’s a bunch of steps to this quest that culminates in a very difficult boss fight. Read the walkthrough below if you need help getting the Sapphire Eye.

How to Complete Eye of the Beast in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete Eye of the Beast in Dragon Quest Treasures

In order to find the Sapphire Eye, you’ll need the map of the Ancient One’s lair. The first step in this quest is to speak to the Sylphanian captain over on the Maneland. Follow the quest marker to the Sylphan stockade and speak to your ol’ buddy Captain Levanter. He’ll outright refuse to hand over the map since he believes only Sylphans have the right to it.

Hope isn’t lost, however. Your rival treasure hunter/friend Gayle overhears and gives you a bit of advice. Levanter will only hand the map over if given direct orders by his superior, Princess Anemone. She’s currently exploring the Old Gobbet Ruins. These ruins are located on the lower section of the Paternoggin, but you’ll need to find a door near the lift platform.

Ride the skylitt platform down to the ruins and speak to the Princess. Agree to help her take down a tanzaknight and recover the monument fragment. Defeat it and then return to Anemone, who then wants you to retrieve her Lexicon. Fast travel to the Derrière Glacier in the Hinterquarters and speak to Zephyr to obtain it. When you give it to Anemone, she’ll request you return to your base and meet her at the Snarl.

The monster Hornbull from Dragon Quest Treasures roaring

Anemone will finally tell Levanter to help you, so go back to the Sylphan stockade to speak with him again. Head to the location of the Ancient One’s lair on your map. Make sure you have plenty of healing, buff, and debuff pellets for the treasure dungeon and boss fight ahead.

The key to defeating the Hornbull is to bait it into charging at one of the pillars around the arena. This is an extremely tough battle, so persistence is key. Hornbull hits hard and can do massive area of effect damage with its horns. Multiheal pellets are extremely useful in this fight.