Dragon Quest Treasures Flight of the Fallen King | How to Complete

While there are plenty of side quests and optional loot in Dragon Quest Treasures, the main story is still important to follow. Erik and Mia are on the search for the fabled Seven Stones throughout their journey. One of these Seven Stones is the Emerald Wing. However, the method to get your hands on it is wildly different compared to the other six. Read on below if you’re having trouble with the Flight of the Fallen King quest.

How to Complete Flight of the Fallen King in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete Flight of the Fallen King in Dragon Quest Treasures

Like every quest for the Seven Stones, this one starts with a riddle from a stone tablet in the Snarl. The riddle says to seek the Emerald Wing “on a dusky mountain shrouded in mist. Find it clasped in the hand of a wight who dwells there.” A mountain shrouded in mist points toward Mount Greywing on the Wingswept Moors.

If you have the station up and running, fast travel to the Greywing Bridge Station on the Wingswept Moors. Take the lift to the ground floor and go to the merchant stall. Stalls would usually have a friendly monster shopkeep. However, the only thing that seems to be running this stall is a corpse you can’t interact with.

But the riddle specifically used the phrase “dusky mountain.” With that in mind, rest at the station’s campfire and select the option to wait until evening. Head back to the stall and talk to the corpse, which was actually just a wight. He’ll allow you to buy the Emerald Wing from him but it’s exorbitantly priced at 777,000 gold coins. If you can’t yet afford it, you’ll have to grind for some money.

One of easiest and most efficient ways to earn gold is to utilize the game’s online multiplayer. You’ll get a replica of another player’s treasure every time you dig one up. This replica adds no value to your treasure vault, but it can be sold to the emporium for extra gold.

If you’re still struggling with hitting that price mark, there are other ways to farm gold reliably. Return to the wight once you have the money ready and make the purchase to complete the quest.

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