Dragon Quest Treasures Gang Rank | How to Raise Fast

Fighting monsters and finding loot is just one part of the gameplay loop in Dragon Quest Treasures. Erik and Mia are also running a treasure hunting gang that they’ve created together. All the treasure you find will be added to a gang vault, and after a certain amount of money is collected, you’ll gain a Gang Rank. If it isn’t high enough, some quests and items will be locked completely. You might be having trouble figuring out how to raise your Gang Rank. If so, read on below for a few tips.

How to Raise Gang Rank Fast in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Raise Gang Rank Fast in Dragon Quest Treasures

When it comes to raising your Gang Rank, your first priority should be collecting as much treasure as possible. This means constantly having as many dispatch teams out as possible while going off to explore for treasure yourself. Whenever you dispatch monsters or head off to an island, make sure your Golden Ratio is as close to 100% as possible.

You’re more likely you to get a ton of treasure with ease if you maximize your Golden Ratio. If you really want to increase your chances of finding as much treasure as possible, considering switching your party to include monsters that have higher treasure carrying capacity. A higher carrying capacity means more treasure, and that in turn means a higher bonus during appraisal.

Secondly, try to get your hands on treasure maps. These are randomized dungeons full of randomized monsters and always culminate in a tough boss fight. Monsters in treasure dungeons drop medals and gold, but more importantly, the dungeon’s final boss will reward you with treasure.

The last method to increase your Gang Rank is by advancing through the game’s main story. Every time Erik and Mia find one of the Seven Stones and return to their base, it’s appraised and added to the vault. The Seven Stones are worth an absolutely incredible amount of money and will help raise your rank in no time.

You’ll need a high Gang Rank to progress throughout every aspect of Dragon Quest Treasures. Some facilities won’t unlock until your Gang Rank is high enough, nor will quests for the Seven Stones.