Dragon Quest Treasures | How to Perform Sneak Attacks

There are a few things Dragon Quest Treasures doesn’t tell you about its combat. One of these is the ability to perform sneak attacks. These are referred to as “surprise attacks” in the game, but the concept is the same. It makes sense that Erik and Mia can use stealth to their advantage given that they both grow up to be cunning thieves. Read on to find out how to perform sneak attacks and deal massive damage to your enemies.

How to Perform Sneak Attacks in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Perform Sneak Attacks in Dragon Quest Treasures

Luckily, the act of performing a sneak attack is very simple. All it requires you to do is crouch behind an enemy undetected. You’ll get a prompt once you’re close enough. Just press Y to do a surprise attack, then watch as Erik and Mia give the monster a quick dagger swipe. Weirdly, watching a giant slime flip on its head from a sneak attack is very satisfying.

You won’t always be able to sneak up on monsters, of course. There are a few ways to ensure you’re able to do so. The easiest way is unfortunately not the most convenient. Whenever you find a campfire, which will heal your party, you’re given the option to advance time. Wait until evening and you’ll find that most monsters will be getting their beauty sleep. This creates a prime opportunity to sneak by them and perform a surprise attack.

Sneak attacks can also be performed during the daytime, but they’re much harder to pull off. You’ll need to start crouching pretty far behind a monster before doing so.

The problem is, Erik and Mia are painfully slow when sneaking. You can still be seen by monsters when using the Stealth Forte if you’re close enough to them, so that unfortunately won’t help. Waiting until nighttime will always be your safest bet.

Even though they’re very conditional, sneak attacks are worth performing whenever you get the chance. They dish out a ton of extra damage that immediately starts battles in your favor. Combat in Dragon Quest Treasures can get surprisingly intense, so getting a headstart is never a bad thing.