Dragon Quest Treasures | How to Switch Between Erik and Mia

Unlike most games in the series, Dragon Quest Treasures features two protagonists instead of just one. At the start, the game forces you to control Mia. You’ll then automatically switch to Erik a short ways in. After the tutorial is truly over, you’re given the choice to play as either of the precocious pair. But you can actually switch between them even after making your selection. Read on to find out how.

How to Switch Between Erik and Mia in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Switch Between Erik and Mia in Dragon Quest Treasures

Switching between these siblings from Dragon Quest XI is incredibly simple. However, it’s not something that can be done on the fly. If you’re already out hunting for treasure and want to make a switch, you can’t just do it in a menu. You’ll first need to make your way back to a train and ride back to your base. This can be a bit of a trek depending on how far away you are from the train. Take advantage of monster Fortes to make the journey a bit speedier.

Once at your base, head to the campfire. The sibling you aren’t playing as will be available to speak to. Talk to them and you’ll be given the option to switch from Erik to Mia or vice versa. Then, you just need to head out on another expedition. Rest assured that the other won’t be too bored back at base. Whichever sibling you don’t choose to control will go out on optional dispatch missions with spare monsters.

There’s no actual gameplay difference between the two siblings. You could play through the entire game as either of them. The choice doesn’t affect combat or anything related to the story. It’s purely a cosmetic difference. Dragon Quest Treasures goes so far as to keep Erik and Mia at the exact same level to ensure you’re not at any disadvantage when switching.

It might be disappointing to some players that there’s nothing to distinguish between the two. But it’s at least nice that you can switch from them without suffering any consequences. Plus, the fact that the siblings share the same level really cuts down on unnecessary grinding.

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