Dragon Quest Treasures | How Treasure Maps Work

It might come as a surprise to learn that the main method for treasure hunting in Dragon Quest Treasures doesn’t make use of maps. Instead of following a map, Erik and Mia use the help of their monsters to find treasure. This makes treasure hunting more fun and dynamic while also giving the game another way to be unique. But despite not being the usual way to gain riches, treasure maps do exist in the game. They offer both challenges and lots of valuables. Obtaining treasure maps and understanding how they function isn’t totally clear, so read on to get some clarification.

How Treasure Maps Work in Dragon Quest Treasures

How Treasure Maps Work in Dragon Quest Treasures

Treasure maps are special in Dragon Quest Treasures because they’re rare to come across. There’s a small chance that you’ll gain a treasure map as a drop after defeating a monster. The most consistent method, however, is dispatching teams of monsters at your base. Your monsters will always return with materials or treasures, but they can sometimes bring you back a treasure map.

Once you have a treasure map, go to Quests in the main menu to read them. You’ll find out where it leads and the game will automatically put a marker on your world map. Head over to it when you’re ready, but be prepared for a fight. That’s because treasure maps spawn completely randomized dungeons with randomized loot. Each dungeon will always end in a boss fight, and sometimes these can be very challenging battles.

Try to bring monsters that have healing magic and stock up on a variety of pellets. Make sure you’ve completed the side quest Pellet Production so you can craft or buy new pellets. Try to have a few stacks of each element as well as any pellets that provide buffs or debuffs.

Getting through the dungeons spawned by treasure maps is a straightforward process. You’ll enter through a portal and fight a wave of enemies on a set number of floors. Not only can these enemies drop handy items like monster medals but they can also be scouted for recruitment. Finishing the boss fight at the end of a dungeon will reward you with a random piece of treasure.