Dragon Quest Treasures Mogsworth’s Treasure | How to Complete

There’s a quite a few colorful characters in Dragon Quest Treasures. One of the most memorable and weirdly delightful is Admirable Mogsworth, a thieving feline and rival treasure hunter. Mogsworth isn’t responsible for any of the rival gangs you’ll encounter, but he’ll be competing with you nonetheless. He also has his own line of side quests, starting with Mogsworth’s Treasure. If you’ve having trouble completing the quest or finding the location of his treasure chest, read on below.

How to Complete Mogsworth’s Treasure in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete Mogsworth’s Treasure in Dragon Quest Treasures

You’ll acquire the side quest Mogsworth’s Treasure after hunting down the amber horn during the main quest. Mogsworth is miffed about losing out on the amber horn, and casually mentions that he’s after a treasure chest in the Swoopswamp. Naturally, Erik and Mia want to beat him to the punch, so head out to the Wingswept Moors. Take the steps needed to make sure that your Golden Ratio is as high as possible before leaving your base. This quest will take no time at all if you’ve already unlocked the Swoomswamp Station.

A map marker will show you where to go once you’ve arrived in Wingswept Moors. That’s par for the course with quests in Dragon Quest Treasures. However, unlike most quests, you’re led to a general area rather than an exact location. The only clue you have to the location of Mogsworth’s treasure chest is that it’s somewhere near a waterfall. That might initially seem vague, but it actually narrows your search down quite a bit.

Mia from Dragon Quest Treasures in front of cliffs and a waterfall

The waterfall is located near the outer edge of the quest marker radius. Look at the hill on the right of the waterfall. If you’re having trouble climbing, use a monster with the Launch Forte, such as a slime or golem. You’ll see Mogsworth’s treasure chest sitting right on top.

In fairness, this chest isn’t exactly the most well hidden. Take a cue from this if you’re using the Treasure Hunts feature of the game’s online multiplayer. If you want to bury your treasure for other players to find, we have tips on how to find the best hiding spots.