Dragon Quest Treasures Monster Medleys | How to Perform

On the surface, combat in Dragon Quest Treasures might seem rather simple. After all, you don’t directly control your monsters, and your attacks are left to long-ranged shots and button mashing. But that isn’t necessarily true. There’s more complexity to combat than you might think. Strategy is important, and nothing emphasizes that quite like Monster Medleys. How do you pull off these powerful attacks? Read on below to find out.

How to Perform Monster Medleys in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Perform Monster Medleys in Dragon Quest Treasures

On top of just being fun to say out loud, these attacks are powerful. Monster Medleys act as the combo system in Dragon Quest Treasures. However, the game doesn’t actually explain to you how to do them. Luckily they’re relatively easy to pull off.

Monster Medleys happen when your monsters chain attacks together. You can’t control when your monsters use their abilities, but the AI is surprisingly competent about it. Monsters have a selection of spells and abilities that they can choose from, which you can see when checking their status. You can also check out this out before recruiting a monster after scouting them. The exact lineup and number of attacks vary from monster to monster, even between those of the same species. Every single one is unique.

A prompt will pop up over your monster’s head when they’re about to perform an attack. Monsters will usually attack after each other rather than all at once. Paying attention to these pop-ups is crucial for pulling off a Monster Medley. That’s because Erik and Mia can contribute with either physical dagger attacks or long-ranged pellet shots. An example of how Monster Medleys flow would be a monster casting a spell, followed by another using an ability, Erik and Mia shooting an elemental pellet, and another monster following up.

Pulling off a Monster Medley is especially beneficial in boss fights. Bosses can hit hard and have large health bars. Timing combos with your monsters is a fantastic way to dish a wild amount of damage at these baddies. If you can manage it, try using a sneak attack to initiate a fight and then conducting a Monster Medley. You can also utilize the Dagger Gauge to fully maximize your damage output.