Dragon Quest Treasures Party Monsters Questline | How to Complete

While the main quest in Dragon Quest Treasures is about collecting the Seven Stones, you’ll also need to be growing your gang. You’ll get a few side quests to expand your gang once you’ve achieved certain ranks. This includes a a multipart quest to expand your monster barracks. Once you’ve maxed how many monsters you can hold by completing Dormitory City, Miss Cecily will want to throw a party. But you’ll need to put in some serious work if you want to celebrate. If you’re confused about the Party Monsters questline, read below for a full walkthrough.

How to Complete Party Monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete Party Monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures

The first step in party preparations will be helping Bricky Rix with his request. Bricky is going to need the help of a new monsters in order to set things up on his end. Specifically, he’ll need a wight prince. The trouble is that wight princes can only be found in two locations, one of which is crowded with level 40+ monsters. We’re going to stick with the easier way to scout one.

Head to the Cold Shoulder Central Station over at Cinderback Ridge and rest at the campfire until evening. Wight princes will only show up at night. Then, head to the west until you’re at the very upper part of the Lumbar Lavalands as shown in the map above. Wight princes will spawn around here, though they can sometimes be accompanied by golems. The wight prince is extremely vulnerable to light damage, so Sizz pellets are your best bet at taking them down quickly.

An overhead map from Dragon Quest Treasures detailing the location of a Hades condor

Next in the request list comes from Madame Blancmange. It should come as no surprise that this jelly chef wants to make a special cake for the party. In order to do that, however, she’ll need 20 free-range eggs. You’ll need to either pinch from or defeat a Hades condor in order to get free-range eggs. You can find them easily near the top of Teardrop Falls over at the Paternoggin, as shown above.

An overhead map from Dragon Quest Treasures showing the location of uber agate

Last but not least comes Axel’s request for two über agate of evolution. This can be an absolute pain if you don’t know exactly where to look. Fast travel to the Bitterbutte Bottom Station and head northeast to the Hindward Hills. Über agate of evolution can be collected from mineral points. Bring a monster with the Scan Forte to help you out.