Dragon Quest Treasures Pellet Production | How to Complete

Pellets play an important role in Dragon Quest Treasures. While you can fight right alongside your monsters, it’s sometimes more useful to stay behind and use pellets from afar. Pellets can do everything from deal elemental damage to heal and buff your allies. If you want to craft your own pellets, you’ll first need to complete the side quest Pellet Production. Here’s how to do so.

How to Complete Pellet Production in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete Pellet Production in Dragon Quest Treasures

After your gang reaches Rank 2, Miss Cecily will allow you to expand the facilities available at base. One of these is a pellet workshop, which is a reward for the side quest Pellet Production. Miss Cecily tasks you with asking Axel for help in opening the workshop. This former train mechanic is an expert engineer that can find at Cinderback Ridge. Before leaving, make sure to look at the Treasure Forecast to help get your Golden Ratio as high as possible.

Axel can be found right below the train station you enter Cinderback Ridge from. There’s a shop to the left of him selling pellets. Hit up the dracky shopkeeper and stock up on healing pellets and then speak to Axel. He’ll agree to help you with Pellet Production, but you’ll need to retrieve a cinderblock for him first. Cinderblock is a rare rock located on the Cold Shoulder, which is straight north of Axel’s location.

The road to the Cold Shoulder is a dangerous one. Enemies in Cinderback Ridge can easily be twice your level if you haven’t been grinding. To make this trek easier, make sure to think carefully of which Fortes your party will have. The most useful Fortes for this particular quest will be Launch, Sprint, and Glide. Great choices would be a Slime, Restless Armour, and Dracky.

Follow your map to the location Axel’s marked when you’re ready. Various She-Slimes and a King She-Slime are blocking your way to the cinderblock. Prepare yourself, as this can be a tough and chaotic battle depending on your level.

After you defeat the She-Slimes, get the cinderblock from the cave behind them. Return it to Axel and then head back to your base when you’re ready to complete the Pellet Production quest.