Dragon Quest Treasures Rival Gangs | How to Attack

As your gang steadily proves its worth in Dragon Quest Treasures, you’ll start to pass Gang Rank thresholds. That’s good because it starts to unlock more additional features, such as online multiplayer and the option to expand your base with new facilities like a pellet workshop or canteen. But with the good comes the bad. Higher Gang Ranks means more notoriety, and that in turn means being the target of Rival Gangs that will come after your base. They can also attack you during exploration and try to steal your treasure. Thankfully, you don’t have to stay on the defensive. Read on to find out how to get the upper hand and attack your Rival Gangs.

How to Attack All Rival Gangs in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Attack All Rival Gangs in Dragon Quest Treasures

Whenever you dispatch a team of monsters, there’s a chance they’ll return to you with more than just materials and treasures. They sometimes come back with some juicy info on Rival Gangs as well. The game will notify you that you need to hurry to the reported location ASAP. That warning isn’t just to motivate you. Attacks on Rival Gangs are temporary quests that you have a limited amount of time to complete. Set these as your objective immediately and head off to the location indicated.

Once you’ve found your rivals, you’ll initiate a battle. These are often easy but can sometimes prove to be a challenge. A great way to take Rival Gangs down is by Unleashing the Dragon or performing Monster Medley combos with your monsters. It can be a way to cheese tough fights easily. You then just need to steal your rival’s flag. Technically you could do this without fighting if you’re able to avoid aggroing enemies, but it’s highly unlikely to happen. Take the quicker approach and wipe them out instead. After taking their flag, you’ll get three pieces of their treasure to celebrate your victory.

Each Rival Gang has their own flag quest associated with them. To complete a quest, you’ll need to steal a Rival Gang’s flag a total of five times. The list of Rival Gangs, and their associated flag quests, are as follows:

  • Thunderous Plunderers (A Storm’s Brewing)
  • Beastly Busters (You’re Busted)
  • Thieving Phantoms (Take Your Treasure)
  • Cutie Clowns (Coulrophobia)
  • Day Breakers (The Break of Day)
  • Merry Men (The Not So Merry Men)
  • Sylpha Seekers (Seek and You Shan’t Find)

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