Dragon Quest Treasures Run Like the Wind | How to Complete

The Seven Stones are the main objects that Erik and Mia will need to seek out in Dragon Quest Treasures. You’ll unlock quests for each of these stones at different points in the story, which are locked behind your Gang Rank. One of the Seven Stones is the Citrine Talon. It might seem like the easiest of the Seven Stones to acquire, as you simply need to open a chest to get it. However, Run Like the Wind is a dangerous quest that will put your combat skills to the test. Read on to find out how to get your hands on this important treasure, even if you’re low-leveled.

How to Complete Run Like the Wind in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete Run Like the Wind in Dragon Quest Treasures

The riddle for the Citrine Talon says to seek it “at the far-flung edge of a grassy land” and to “look beyond the Pinion Plateau where the mighty warriors roam.” That points to the Wingswept Moors. Make sure to bring a monster with the Sprint Forte for this particular quest, as some monsters are very powerful. We’ll get to that in a bit.

The Pinion Plateau is at the furthest western point of the Wingswept Moors. If you’re looking to make a beeline for it, fast travel to the Soaring Steps Station, as it’s the closest. The Sprint Forte will definitely come in handy here. You might also want a monster with the Glide Forte, as there’s plenty of cliffs to jump and glide from for easy traversal.

Once you’re near the Pinion Plateau, you’ll see how it’s absolutely swarming with great sabrecats, styx raptors, and gigantes, all at or around level 40. There are a few level 50 stormy sabrecats, too. It might be best to run past them rather than fight them, especially if your party’s level is low.

For its speed and stamina, we relied on a silver sabrecat for our Sprint monster. All you have to do to get the Citrine Talon is make it through the ruins. You don’t have to fight any of the monsters lurking around the area unless you want to. Open the chest containing the Citrine Talon, then teleport home using either the Return option or a chimera wing, depending if you picked up treasure along the way.

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