Dragon Quest Treasures The Canteen Queen | How to Complete

Your gang’s base will be fairly empty at the start of Dragon Quest Treasures. Aside from a campfire and monster barracks, there’s not really anything useful. After reaching Rank 2, however, you’ll be given the option to expand the facilities at your base. One of these facilities is the canteen, which unlocks the cooking feature. Dishes in Dragon Quest Treasures offer big benefits for your party. You’ll have to complete a side quest in order for the canteen to be accessible. Here’s a rundown on how to finish The Canteen Queen side quest so you can chow down on stat-buffing cuisine.

How to Complete The Canteen Queen in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete The Canteen Queen in Dragon Quest Treasures

In order to complete The Canteen Queen and open a canteen at the base, Miss Cecily instructs you to find Madame Blancmange. This gourmet chef is located at Windswept Moors. Before you go, check the Treasure Forecast to make sure your team composition maximizes your Golden Ratio.

After you depart for Windswept Moors, follow your map indicator to Madame Blancmange’s location. She’s more than happy to come back to your base and cook, but she’ll need a team to help. She requests an “‘at ‘amwitch” for her first member. These are located around Madame Blancmange. A good place to find groups of hat hamwitches is directly northwest of her.

You won’t have to add the hat hamwitch to your party, but you’ll need to have one recruited to your gang. Consider using Buddy Bullets to increase your chances of scouting one.  As always, it’s useful to have a monster with the Sprint forte to make getting around a little easier.

Head back to your base and talk to Miss Cecily to see if you have the materials needed to recruit the hat hamwitch. Return to Madame Blancmange once you’ve recruited it to your gang. Keep in mind that once you give up this hat hamwitch, you can never get it back. Make sure you don’t send away a rare monster!

After you’ve given Madame Blancmange her new staff member, you will complete The Canteen Queen quest and the canteen can be unlocked at your base. Madame Blancmange’s tasty treats will give stat-boosting effects to you and your monsters. New dishes can be unlocked as you uncover recipes, but the best meals require very rare ingredients.