Dragon Quest Treasures | What Are Fortes?

Exploring the world of Draconia in Dragon Quest Treasures won’t be an easy task. You can’t expect to find something rare and valuable without putting in effort, after all. Luckily, you won’t be hunting treasures all on your own. You’ll have a party of monsters with you at all times in Dragon Quest Treasures, and they help in a variety of ways. They assist you in combat and give you visions of where treasure is buried. In order to get through your adventure, you’ll need to take advantage of your party’s Fortes. But what exactly are they? Read on to get a brief rundown on this crucial gameplay mechanic.

What Are Fortes in Dragon Quest Treasures?

What Are Fortes in Dragon Quest Treasures?

Put simply, Fortes are traversal abilities. Erik and Mia can’t double-jump up huge rock formations or glide from tall cliffs all on their own. Adventuring through Draconia requires having the right monsters in your party. Each class of monster has a specific Forte available to them.

For example, monsters like Golems can utilize the Launch Forte to thrust Erik and Mia up into the air. This not only aids in traversal, but can also help them avoid an enemy’s attack. Meanwhile, monsters like Sabrecats have access to the Sprint Forte. This allows Erik and Mia to hop aboard the monster and quickly sprint across the world.

Fortes aren’t completely exclusive to specific breeds of monsters. Other monsters besides Sabrecats have the Sprint Forte. Unique to this Forte in particular is stat variation. The speed of a monster’s sprint and their stamina meter varies from monster to monster.

The downside to Fortes is that you won’t be able to have access to all five of them at once. That’s because your party of monsters is limited to just three. If you need to get to a high point but don’t have a monster with the Launch Forte, you’ll need to backtrack and swap out your party members.

Collecting every monster isn’t the main goal of Dragon Quest Treasures, but it’s definitely important to have as many as possible. You’ll need to make sure you have access to every type of Forte in the game if you want to make it through Draconia.