Dwarf Fortress | How to Move Furniture

Dwarf Fortress is a colony sim with a lot to unpack. Not only must you manage a dwarf colony, but you must also build it from the ground up. Which, won’t always go as perfectly as you planned it in your head. That’s why, every now and then, you’ll probably change your mind and want to move some furniture. But, if you’re having trouble with that simple mechanic, don’t worry because there is a solution. So keep reading to learn how to move furniture in Dwarf Fortress.

How to Move Furniture in Dwarf Fortress

How to Move Furniture in Dwarf Fortress

To move Furniture in Dwarf Fortress, you need to press “Q” to view the built object, then select the object you want to remove with your cursors and press “X”. This’ll queue the item for deconstruction and transport it back to an appropriate stockpile. Once the furniture has been disassembled and returned to a stockpile, you can simply select it from the stockpile and rebuild it in the desired location.

Do note, once you command a dwarf to dissemble and move furniture to a stockpile, the item will be considered “in use” even before the dwarf reaches and picks it up. So, you won’t be able to rebuild it in a new location until the task is completed and no longer active. That’s why if you’re moving a lot of furniture, you’ll have to be patient. It’s a process that requires a couple of time-consuming steps. Especially if your dwarfs are already backed up with other commands.

That is why you can save a lot of time by creating a new stockpile for furniture, right next to where you are constructing a space. This will help if you happen to miss-click or want to rearrange a whole space and move furniture around quickly. With a stockpile nearby, you can command a dwarf to deconstruct. Then, you can quickly move the furniture to the nearby stockpile, which is hopefully a short trip. Making the entire process much more efficient and convenient.

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