Dying Light 2 Audio Glitch | How to Fix

Compared to a lot of recent titles, Dying Light 2 is a very polished experience. However, there’s one particular audio glitch causing players a lot of trouble. In some cases, it can completely prevent any game audio from working, which is understandably frustrating. On top of that, some players are reporting a consistent buzzing sound, which is even more annoying. Worry not, as we’ve got details on how to fix the pesky Dying Light 2 audio glitch.

How to Fix the Audio Issue in Dying Light 2

How to Fix the Audio Issue in Dying Light 2

To fix the audio issue in Dying Light 2, all you need to do is quit your current session, and head back to the main menu.

In most cases, simply going to the main menu will sort out the bug. That should reset your sound, so you can play the game as intended once more. If this doesn’t work, you might need to take it a step further. We recommend fully closing down the game, then going back to your dashboard. On Xbox or PlayStation, that involves closing the application and going to your console’s menu. On PC, make sure the game and its processes have been ended completely.

Either of these two solutions will sort out the problem, so you can then restart the game and experience it as intended. However, don’t be surprised to see developer Techland patching this issue in future updates. As a rather prolific error that can prove to be game-breaking, it’s sure to be top of their priorities.

Until then, though, it’ll be a case of manually fiddling with your Dying Light 2 game to temporarily resolve the issue. All we can do is hope that a permanent fix from the dev team comes sooner rather than later.