Dying Light 2 Banshee | How to Beat

The City in Dying Light 2 is home to a special infected that can easily resemble a zombie-type witch. Known as the Banshee, this horrendous variant easily pumps up the horror elements of the games to a different level with her eerie presence. Upon initial glance, they seem like degenerate, weeping infected that shouldn’t be disturbed like all the other special enemies. But as soon you attract the Banshee’s attention, you might want to prepare for a fight. Here’s how you can defeat the Banshee in Dying Light 2.

How to Beat Banshee in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Beat Banshee

The Banshee has been mutated with elongated arms and incredible agility that allows her to leap from far distances. This proves to be a new challenge for players, for her sharp claws and pouncing attacks could possibly mutilate you. It’s best to watch your footing with her, too; her arms can deal some serious damage due to the chemical reaction between her jewelry and hands.

With these dangers in mind, the best way to beat the Banshee is to utilize your dodge movements as much as possible. Consequently, she has her leaping attacks, which are triggered when she climbs atop one of the regular infected. This basically gives you the signal that she is about to pounce. Once she leaps, dodge left or right to avoid her attack, then proceed to strike a couple of times toward either her head or arms, which glow in that grotesque orange hue. Additionally, if she’s striking on foot, perform a backward dodge to give yourself an advantage over her deadly claws. You then swing at her or toss a throwable to lower her health.

It’s fair to say that dodging will be your best friend when it comes to fighting a Banshee. However, if you manage to modify some weapons in your inventory, your chances of survival greatly increase. But, if worse comes to worst, run toward safety. Toggle your Survival Sense to highlight the closest safe spot. Be quick and clever with your moves. The Banshee can commence an intense chase with its powerful pounce attack, so use both the streets and rooftops if you’ve got one on your tail.

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