Dying Light 2 Bow | How to Get

Guns are a thing of the past in Dying Light 2, and the citizens of Villedor have resorted to handmade melee weapons. Most of the encounters in the game will involve close-quarters combat, with the occasional throwable and arrow flying overhead as you go toe-to-toe with your enemies. However, it never hurts to have a bow in your inventory, and Aiden is lucky enough to eventually get his hands on one as he continues to help the people of the city.

How to Get a Bow in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Get a Bow

While there are a couple of ways to obtain a bow, the one you’re most likely to get is the Pipe Bow after completing the “Let’s Waltz!” story mission. The bow will be in your inventory upon completion, as well as a blueprint to craft standard arrows for 10 Scraps and 1 Feather. This essentially gives you the basic loadout for the bow and arrows. It’s a good way to start experimenting with ranged weapons if you like to take your targets out from afar.

In addition to the story mission with the Pipe Bow, there are more out there that you can acquire. Keep in mind that there are not many bows available in Villedor (despite fighting enemies who wield them), and you won’t always come across one during your travels. Therefore, if you’re ever at a safe zone with a vendor, check and see what they have to offer. There’s a chance they might have one in stock, but it’s not always guaranteed. The Craftmaster at the Floating Fortress always sells powerful weapons, so you could try your luck at the Peacekeeper base.

However, if you progress through the story and get to “The Shoe” mission, Lawan will ask you to go into her place to retrieve a pair of shoes. You can snoop around to learn more about her, but the Paper Clip bow in question will be in her room. It’s to the right as soon as you enter; or, to the left of her bed. You can then pick it up, and now you’ll have a stronger bow to use.

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