Dying Light 2 Campfire Encounters | How Do They Work?

The people of Villedor have become lost in their complex lives in Dying Light 2, but they manage to keep hope and conversation alive. Techland’s ambitious sequel introduces a new feature in the form of Campfires, a somewhat non-interactive activity that allows the player to take a seat with other survivors and listen to one of them tell a tale of their past. These delve deeper into the trouble Villedor faced when the infected attacked during the fall of civilization, but how do they work exactly? What is there to do at these campfire encounters when you stumble upon one? It’s not much to take note of, but these campfire moments might be something to keep in mind.

How Do Campfire Encounters Work in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 How Do Campfire Encounters Work

The campfire encounters work in one way and one way only: to provide additional lore to the world of Dying Light. NPCs will gather around a campfire set on top of a rooftop to simply listen to tales of the past. One of the NPCs will take control of the narrative by sharing a personal story with the fellow humans, albeit with no subtitles. This might be because of the level of importance these background characters have to offer. They don’t necessarily pertain to the main narrative; they merely share more content for the player to dive into that doesn’t require any action.

Whenever you see a book icon on your radar, this will indicate an available campsite that you can stop by. One of the NPCs will start to share their story when you’re nearby, but the game allows you to sit down by the fire to join the others in these moments.

And these stories can go one way or another. One tale featured a doctor who claimed to have the cure to the virus, while another encounter had a woman sharing her struggle to find her three-year-old son. But I believe my favorite encounter so far is a woman who unleashes a soft melody, singing as the fire continues to burn amid the survivors as she sings the day away.

All you need to do is just sit back and listen while taking in the nearby sights, resting side-by-side with fellow survivors who only wish to have a moment of peace.

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