Dying Light 2 Co-Op | How to Enable

The zombie-slaying game Dying Light 2 is upon us this month, and it comes with co-op. Alongside up to three friends, you can tear around the open world free running and killing the undead — but how do you do it? Before you dive into your adventure in Dying Light 2 for the first time, we’ve got the details on how to link up with friends and play co-op.

How to Turn On Co-Op in Dying Light 2

How to Turn On Co-Op in Dying Light 2

While the official instructions haven’t been confirmed as the game doesn’t release until February 4, it should be quite simple to enable co-operative play in Dying Light 2. In fact, it’ll likely be very similar to the process in the 2015 original:

  • From the settings menu, go to Online > Game Type > Public.
  • From this, check the Matchmaking tab.
  • On this menu, you can invite friends or open the lobby for players to join.

Given how simple the process is for the first Dying Light, don’t expect anything different in the sequel. If anything, it could be even easier, perhaps with the ability to invite players mid-match.

One thing that should be stressed about Dying Light 2 co-operative play, however, is that cross-platform play isn’t supported. That means PlayStation owners won’t be able to kill zombies alongside friends on Xbox, and vice versa. On top of that, there’s no cross-progression, so you cannot take your save data onto another platform. Luckily, that doesn’t apply on PC. That means players on Steam and Epic Games Store will still be able to link up through co-op. It’s definitely good news for those players, given the inability to do so on console.

While the actual method of playing with friends in Dying Light 2 will certainly be easy, the mode’s limitations may frustrate some players. Being unable to play with friends on other consoles is a major downside given how many games currently support it. However, don’t expect that to change pre-release.