Dying Light 2 Fast Travel | How to Unlock

Dying Light 2 is finally out now, with a brand-new open world for players to explore. In such a sprawling post-apocalyptic landscape, is there any quicker way to get around? Fast travel is one of the most useful features to slash your time spent traveling to missions, but games don’t always offer it straight off the bat. Here’s how to unlock fast travel in Dying Light 2.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Dying Light 2

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Dying Light 2

Unlocking fast travel in Dying Light 2 is quite a complicated process, and requires the completion of a few missions. You’ll need to have already reached Central Loop, a location you only access after completing the first tutorial missions in the game. Once you reach Central Loop, you’re given a mission to rid a nearby metro station of its zombie inhabitants.

Kill all of the zombies in the Central Loop metro station, and you unlock your first fast travel slot. However, it’s not much use at this stage, as you only have one place to fast travel to. Similar to Ubisoft games like Far Cry 6, you have to manually unlock each fast travel location by clearing that area of danger. In Dying Light 2, that involves going to metro stations, clearing out any zombies, and turning on the generator. Once you do that, you’ll get a message saying that fast travel at that spot is now available. You’ll need to grind to unlock all fast travel locations, but it will be useful for later in the game when the map expands.

Of course, activating these generators isn’t always easy, as the undead will creep around the outskirts. As such, you may want to tackle metro stations in the daytime, where enemies are weaker than during the night. It’ll make it more simple to clear them, so you can unlock all the fast travel spots sooner.