Dying Light 2 Finger Gun | How to Unlock

As far as the people of Villedor are concerned, there are no guns to find and use in Dying Light 2. But is that true? Somewhat, actually, because you can point a gun in the game, but it comes in the form of a literal hand gesture depicting a finger gun. And finding this special weapon will require some intense parkour, so here’s our quick guide into unlocking the finger gun in Dying Light 2.

How to Unlock the Finger Gun in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Unlock the Finger Gun

The finger gun in Dying Light 2 is hidden within the developer room. Inside the developer room you’ll find some fun Easter eggs and a “thank you” from Techland lurking around. Unlocking the finger guns requires you to head to a specific location. When you enter the room, walk down the hallway showcasing some of Techland’s previous projects. Turn right to go down another hallway past the kitchen. Keep moving on until you see the bright PUB in neon lights. From there, enter the bedroom with the teddy bears to sit next to them in a “campfire” setting.

Here’s where things get weird. As you take a seat on the bed, more teddy bears will start to appear around you via electrical strikes. They come in both big and small sizes, so you’re pretty much just sitting there while these furry pals spawn uncontrollably. After sitting for a while, the Techland poster in front of you will spark spawn the finger gun blueprint alongside Techland’s alternative logo. You can finally get up from the bed to approach the blueprint and collect it. It’s under the name, Left Finger of gloVa.

Keep in mind, crafting one finger gun will cost you a tremendous amount of 369 Scraps. It’s a powerful weapon to utilize, but it’s best to have as many Scraps as possible in your inventory. Upon crafting, you’ll have 16 shots to spend before you’re forced to assemble another one.

If you’re having trouble getting to the dev room, refer to these steps. Essentially, from atop of the VNC Tower, paraglide over to the southwest skyscraper that contains an antenna and the “Military Airdrop THB-UTO” activity. Once you land on the roof, place your attention on the electrical panel with a red wire. Equip the wire then proceed a couple of floors down to reach the next panel to connect the wire to. Repeat this process with the panels until you finally reach the security defense panel, where you’ll disable the locks to the developer room.

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