Dying Light 2 Foster Family Quest | How to Complete

If you’re having trouble completing the “Foster Family” side quest in Dying Light 2, you’re not alone. When initially asked by Hugh to recover his “son” Match, you’re tasked with going to the Wharf Water Tower. But whether you’ve accomplished in liberating the infected site or just going back to see what the status is, finding the Lost Boy seems to be quite a problem for some folks. Those in great peril just can’t find him, but we know exactly where this lost boy is.

Where to Find the Lost Boy in the Foster Family Quest in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Find the Lost Boy in the Foster Family Quest

Within the Water Tower in the Wharf section, players will need to climb down the interior tower to find the lost boy, Match. As you continue to descend downward, a small UV safety haven will be below, with Match sitting by and waiting in the darkness. When you talk to Match, he’s set on being on his own due to Hugh’s practices, which in turn prompts Aiden to confront the “father” on his practices with his sons. This will continue the side quest into a confrontation between Aiden and Hugh, to which the latter professes that his teachings with young boys are only for the sake of survival.

The main issue here is, once you liberate the Water Tower, Match won’t be a part of the scenes to encounter as you make your way to the top. The Water Tower will be home to several survivors who choose to farm the land while remaining peaceful. However, the quest marker points toward a trader in the area, which is nowhere close to where you need to go. You need to go inside the base level of the tower to then jump down onto the UV mini-safe haven that Match will be sitting by. He’ll be worried about the infected on the surface, but those undead folks would have already been dealt with. Talk with him, and the quest will proceed to talk with Hugh.

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