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The world of Dying Light 2 is dark and deadly, with a lot of history behind it. Even the most sharp-eared players can find themselves lost in all of the horrifying events that the world has to offer. And most players would much rather play around with the amazing parkour system! So, when you get approached by a man wanting to give you a pop quiz about the history of the world, you’ll be forgiven for not quite knowing everything. If you want all history quiz answers in Dying Light 2, we can lend a hand!

All History Quiz Answers in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 All History Quiz Answers

The History Quiz of Dying Light 2 has the following answers. To the first question about Black Monday, answer “The Chemical Bombings of 2025.” Then for the March Massacre, answer “The army killed 64 civilians protesting against disarming them.” Finally, for the Harran Events, answer “Spring 2014.”

While Jax, the quest giver and quizzer, tells you this information, it’s not exactly coherent. You’ll need to listen to so much fluff about the Dying Light universe that doesn’t really apply. Jax is an interesting lore dump for those who are interested, so look to him if you’d like.

The quest itself is consistent in terms of what questions are asked, like the other quizzes. The Historian is particularly interested in these three events. The reward, other than 100% completion, is 400 Old World money and the Catacombs Memento collectible. Solid for a quiz where you just need to select the right answers! Also fairly consistent with the other quizzes, such as the Infected Intelligence quiz or the Persons of Interest Quiz. These don’t take much time and have some fairly substantial rewards. Don’t shy away from any of them just because they are quizzes! They really don’t take that long, even if you do trial and error.

Speaking of not taking long, the City is a bit large. If you don’t know how to get across it fast, you might be missing some abilities. Learn how to fast travel or get the grappling hook to get the edges you need to move far in the blink of an eye!