Dying Light 2 Howler | How to Beat

If avoiding trouble is your main objective in Dying Light 2, think again. The sequel to Techland’s surprise zombie-killing hit drops in a few new special enemies to tango with. One of these wretched kinds is the Howler, a tattletale whose sole purpose is to see any living human and scream its ears off, which in turn alerts all nearby Virals to hunt you down. But luckily for you, the Howler is easy to take care of. All you need is some sneaky footing and patience, and you’ll find yourself conquering these infected creatures when the freaks come out at night.

How to Beat the Howler in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Beat Howler

At night, the Howler will stalk the streets when you’re out and about, doing your looting and killing business. But once you need to get through of these guys, there’s one easy step to take: performing a takedown. These quick kills are entirely stealth-based, and the player must be behind the enemy in order to execute the kill. If you’ve traversed some of the buildings during the day, you’ll know that taking down the sleeping beauties is the best way to proceed indoors to get that good loot. The same goes for the Howlers, only they’re lurking in the streets in this case.

The Howler does have a meter to notify you on when it will announce your presence to the other infected. If you start to attack, the meter will spark up, prompting the Virals to start clawing their way toward you. Once the Howler spots you, take immediate cover. It is a little dimwitted so it will completely forget that it saw you for a split second. When this happens, start to maneuver around the creature until you get behind it. You can then sneak up to it and perform a takedown without it triggering any further trouble.

Notably, Howlers are fairly easy to kill, with only a few swings to take them out. But their “howl” can cause sudden trouble for you during the night, and it can initiate a chase sequence. It’s best to be on your toes with the Howler. Just remember: sneak up behind them and perform a takedown. Don’t try and tussle with this foe if you don’t want the infected hunting you down when night falls.

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